Color is a Pigment of Your Imagination


Alex outside Tacoma Mall in Washington.

In this day, it is hard to find people who can draw well. It is even harder when you limit it down to high schoolers, but freshman Alex Cross Luna is one of the few students at Wiregrass Ranch High School (WRHS) who holds the coveted ability to turn their imagination into a tangible work.

“My dad was an artist,” Cross Luna explained.  “I have always wanted to be like him.”

Cross Luna is only fourteen and already envied by students, teachers, and “internet weirdos” alike. Featured on his Twitter, Instagram, and other social media, Cross Luna advertises his commissions and work.

“His art is amazing, really,” said art student, Alex Rizzi, a freshman at WRHS. “I am jealous. I am awful at drawing, and Alex does inking and other stuff like that.”

Cross Luna also has a somewhat distinct art style. With almost all of his subjects living, he took a different approach from simply drawing exact subjects, making his works darker than most people would expect.

“Many of his pieces not only have incredible technical skill, also contextual meaning and symbolism, which is a very advanced task for an art student,” said art teacher Darcy Fermin. “I am definitely lucky to have him in my class.”

Cross Luna hopes to make enough money to draw professionally as an adult, and starting now, he has a good chance.

Cross Luna offers commissions; anyone can contact him for a piece by messaging him through his social media.