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Weekly Announcements: October 25-29

Monday 10/25

  • The working class and the employing class have nothing in common! If income inequality bothers you; if the exploitive class divisions caused by religious bigotry, gender misogyny, and warfare where fellow workers die for corporate advance bother you; if you are tired of injustice cloaked in the coded bullying of hate, and if you are weary of anti-science false information designed to simply stoke fear and acrimony, please come to Room 4-157 on Monday, October 25, 2021 at 2pm to find out the truth about how socialism can unify mankind and reach a truly democratic state where those who create the wealth have a true voice.
  • TOday is day 2 of Extended School day. If you are attending and in Mr. Cordero’s class report to the media center right after school at 2:00.
    If you are attending and in Mrs. Schmacher’s class please report to room 3-163 right after school at 2:00.

Tuesday 10/26

  • Would you like to send a little BOO to your “boo”? How about to your bestie, or your favorite teacher? Then get a Boo-Gram!
    The class of 2023 is selling Boo Grams for only $1 each or $5 for 6.
    Today is the LAST DAY! Come to 4-158 after school to purchase. All Boos will be delivered on Friday, October 29 during WIN periods.

Wednesday 10/27

Thursday 10/28

  • Boys Basketball tryouts are next week! Any boys interested in trying out must have all required paperwork done before they can tryout. For times of the tryouts and to get more information, see Coach Calzone in 4-110 or Coach Rogers in boys PE.

Friday 10/29

  • Are you interested in competing in Speech & Debate? There will be an informative meeting Thursday, November 4th for the Speech & Debate Club right after school in 3-108. We hope to see you there!
  • Have you ever wanted to travel to Hawaii? There will be an informative meeting Thursday, November 11, right after school in 3-108. Travel will be in the summer of 2023 to Maui and Hawaii. Please see Ms. Berry or attend the meeting if you are interested!


Last Week: October 18-22

Monday 10/18

  • Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen. Interested in Going to Ireland and Scotland in the summer of 2023? Coach Wilson will be taking students so if you want to find out more information then see Coach Wilson or check out the signs posted on the boards going in to the commons areas.

Tuesday 10/19

  • SADD would like to announce that it is officially Teen Driver Safety Week. Throughout the week you will see messages, posts, posters, pledges, activities, and t-shirt handouts happening on campus as well as daily safe driving trivia on the morning announcements to take part in this! Stay tuned to see how you can take part and learn some new things! Today’s trivia question is… “what two zones is it illegal to have your phone in your hand in Florida?” (Wait a few seconds). The answer is work zones and school zones. While you should never have your phone in hand while behind the wheel, this is a good fact to know. Have a great Tuesday!
  • MedLife Club is holding a fundraiser at Tijuana Flats restaurant on SR 56 here in Wesley Chapel. Come out and support people in need by getting yourself a meal! We’ll get 20%. Use code # SPNT163. This is only valid between 5PM-8PM. Here’s that code, again: SPNT163

Wednesday 10/20

  • For today’s SADD activity for Teen Safe Driver Week, we will have a pledge banner for you to sign at work. Those who sign will be given Wiregrass Ranch SADD’s Official Teen Safe Driver T-shirt. Make sure you secure one of these so you can participate in our Teen Safe Driver T-shirt days! Today’s safe driving trivia question is… “Do newly licensed teen drivers have nighttime driving restrictions at age 16 and 17?” (Wait a few seconds) The answer is yes. 16-year-olds are only allowed to legally drive between 6AM and 11PM. While 17-year-olds can legally only drive between 5AM and 1AM.Announcement at beginning of 4th period: “WIN period teachers, please check your email and play today’s Teen Driver Safety Video. Thank you!”
  • Turning Point USA at Wiregrass Ranch is having a meeting today in room 3-111, (Coach Ketler’s room) from 2:05- 2:45. Todays theme is “Socialism Scares” . We will discuss the horrors of Socialism and Communism throughout history.

Thursday 10/21

  • SADD hopes most of you were able to get a t-shirt yesterday during your lunch. Remember to make sure to wear your shirt tomorrow! Today’s teen safe driving trivia question is… “Aside from cellphones what is the number one distraction for teens?” (Wait a few seconds) The answer is other teen passengers. In fact, having two teen passengers in your car increases your risk of crashing by 158%. Choose your passengers wisely and stay safe.

Friday 10/22

  • Happy Friday Bulls! SADD hopes you all remembered to wear your official WRHS Teen Safe Driver T-shirt. We hope that this week you were able to participate and learn some new information. Today’s teen safe driver trivia question is… True or False? You are allowed to have headphones in your ears while riding a bike, moped, or driving a car? (Wait a few seconds) False! Florida does not allow the use of headphones while driving or operating bikes, mopeds, scooters, or cars. They block out important things you must be able to hear on the road and cause you to be distracted. SADD wants to remind you that next week is Red Ribbon Week. Remember to wear your pjs to put drugs to rest! Teachers, if you are taking part in the door decorating contest, please be sure it is completed by Monday, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Stay safe Bulls!
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