The Stampede

Drama presents "Clue"
A preserved baby Woolly Mammoth, an ancient remain from a time period of ice estimated 40,000 years ago.
Genetics company to revive the woolly mammoth by 2027
Jack Flanary, Writer • October 11, 2021
Promotional image for the release of Disney Genie with a brief description of its purpose from the official Disney Parks site.
Disney Genie plus set to replace Disney FastPass system
Jack Flanary, Writer • October 5, 2021
Governor Ron DeSantis plans to end F.S.A testing after the 2021-2022 school year and replace it with a new testing program, F.A.S.T.
Florida calls for end of FSA testing after this school year
Daniela Pena, Managing Editor • September 30, 2021
The illuminate founders were at the schools club fair, and hope to gain as many new members as possible.
New clubs at Wiregrass: The Illuminate club
Emmaly Simmons, Writer • October 4, 2021
Newspaper students Daneila Pena, Isabella Rey, and Nicole Pi pose in their Hippie Day attire.
Wiregrass homecoming spirit week: 2021 edition
Bre Sanders, Writer • September 24, 2021
Class of 2022 wear their senior shirts to celebrate Senior Takeover Day at the end of the 2021 school year. On these last few days of school, these students are initiated as the new top dogs as they lead Wiregrass Ranch for the next year.
Seniors stride for the finish line
Ashton Jhoda, Editor-in Chief • September 17, 2021
Bulls prepare for the Fall season.
Wiregrass football continues to prepare
Aisia Walden, Writer • September 1, 2021
Boys 2021 varsity soccer district champions.
Boys soccer win district championship
Sydney Gordon and Justin Amis February 8, 2021
The Burly Bulls podcast focuses on Wiregrass sports.
The Burly Bulls Podcast: Episode 2
Justin Amis, Michael Donley, and Isabel Guimaraes February 2, 2021

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