Seniors personalize their parking spots

Seniors at Wiregrass Ranch continue the tradition of painting their parking spaces.


Paxton Santana

Taylor Krall and friend putting the final touches on her parking spot.

Carrying on with the second year of a new tradition, the Seniors at Wiregrass Ranch High School painted and personalized their parking spots this past Saturday. This year, around 20 Seniors took advantage of the opportunity to make their spot unique.

In order to participate, each student needed prior approval of their design through Administration and paid a twenty dollar fee. The students were responsible for bringing everything they needed to create their design such as paint brushes, tape, and paint. These Seniors will also be required to paint their spots back to black at the end of the school year or pay an additional twenty dollars. The average student said they budgeted about $60 for their custom spot.

Many students arrived as soon as the gates opened on Saturday at 8am to begin mapping out their designs. Students were able to stay until 4pm to finish their spots, and many worked until the last available second.

“A lot of parents and students showed up and it’s a real sense of community, school spirit, and pride,” Assistant Principal Rebecca Jarke explained. “Personalizing their own space adds the excitement of coming to school everyday.”

Cortney Polo arrived at school at 8:15 in the morning to personalize her parking spot with the help of her father.

Cortney Polo painting her spot with help from her Father.

“We had a lot of fun together,” Polo stated. “We never get to go out and do stuff together, so it was fun to do something just the two of us.”

Another Wiregrass Ranch senior, Faith Drnec also had fun painting her customized parking spot.

“Im painting the state of Florida with my name and class of 2020 on the bottom,” Drnec explained. “It represents me in the best way I could think of.”

Sunflowers seemed to be a trend this year, with three parking spots sporting a sunflower in their design. Senior Savannah Horseman’s design is a large sunflower with her initials.

“The sunflower is my favorite flower,” Horseman explained. “It is actually a favorite flower of my mom and grandma as well, so it’s a connection between us all.”

Many Juniors are excited to personalize their spots next year.

“I’m looking forward to painting my spot next year,” Junior Kayla Ray said. “I think it allows students to get creative and lets seniors be special during their last year.”