Wiregrass junior Jadon Day releases album

Jadon Day released his first album, Bedroom Popstar, today.


Joey Whitley

Wiregrass junior Jadon Day’s album cover art for Bedroom Popstar.

Jadon Day, a junior at Wiregrass Ranch, released his debut album Bedroom Popstar today on Apple Music, Spotify, and all other major streaming services. The album is a collection of songs written by Day that focus on different areas of his life such as his relationships and his career.

His single from the album, “Want me Back”, was released two weeks ago and already has over 250 downloads. The song is about an absent friend who only wants back into your life once you have success.

I had to get past the point of caring what other people thought.

— Jadon Day

Something that makes Day unique compared to other artists is that he embraces both masculinity and femininity and is not afraid to break stereotypes.

“My clothing, the messages in my songs, and my artistry overall is not the usual way most male artists would go about it,” Day explained. “I had to get past the point of caring what other people thought.”

Day found his love for music in Elementary school when he played Sebastian from The Little Mermaid in his school musical. Since then, he has taken advantage of any opportunity to perform including middle school talent shows and the Wiregrass production of RENT last year.

Jadon Day artwork for his album, Bedroom Popstar. Joey Whitley

“With every performance, I take something new away from it,” Day said. “Performing in theatre gives me the opportunity to learn stage direction, which helps when I’m creating my own music videos.”

Along with the album, Day is also releasing a music video for his single “Want Me Back”, later this evening.

Day hopes that his music will be something people can make a connection with. He wants to make an impact.

“I don’t have a huge platform yet, but you have to start somewhere & for me that is now,” Day explained.