14 days of holiday spirit at the Ranch


Marcus Walden

Newspaper staff cozy in their pajamas for “A Long Winter’s Nap.”

English teacher, Kimberly Krook, dressed as Buddy the Elf. (Stampede staff)

The Wiregrass Ranch Sunshine Committee, sponsored by English teacher Brittnay Doane, hosted the “14 Days of Holiday Spirit” this past month to encourage Wiregrass to get into the holiday spirit. Every day for the month of December students, teachers and staff dress up accordingly to match the holiday theme for each day.

Last year, Wiregrass’ holiday spirit days were held for only one week, but Doane decided to extend it so students could feel the holiday spirit all month long.

“I have a friend who teaches at another high school, and her school did it for two weeks, so I thought, why not just make it all of December? More opportunities to dress up and have fun,” Doane said.

Out of all the days, the day students participated the most was A Long Winter’s Nap, Pajama day.

“Pajama Day is my favorite,” English teacher, Kimberley Krook explained. “I’m so comfortable it’s ridiculous. Also, I prefer days that are easy for kids to dress up because I like seeing everyone participating.”

Doane agrees that the dress up days can be a comfortable change from the norm.

“I like being able to break away from the expected dress from time to time – it’s nice to wear funny socks and ridiculous sweaters because on a day-to-day basis, these are not things that I would wear to work,” Doane explained.

The students enjoyed the dress up days as well, acknowledging that this was a wonderful way to lift spirits.

“I think they [the school administration] have the opportunity to spread positivity in the school, especially during COVID. It gives kids something to look forward to everyday,” Senior Romal Estemcdonald explained.

Students “Deck the Halls” by wearing festive socks. (Jaida Wilson)

Wiregrass ended the first semester in great spirits, with many taking part in the dress up days. Students and teachers hope this energy continues in the final semester of the school year.

“I think that this part of high school is fun, and that’s what is missing when students quarantine or during the pandemic when everybody realizes ‘what if we never go back to school?” Krook explained. “I think there’s stress for everybody and having some type of focus that is not stress, that stress relief is fun.”