Earth Day Fair Recap


Students set an upbeat mood by playing for the the participants.

April 22nd marks an important day for environmentalists throughout the world: Earth Day. Earth Day is a celebration and continued effort to spread awareness on issues concerning Earth and its ecology. Earth Day Network’s mission is to “diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide.”

Wiregrass Ranch High School (WRHS) celebrated Earth Day the following Monday, April 24th with an Earth Day Fair.

The Wiregrass Earth Day Fair was run by Earth Club, and featured an array of activities to educate Wiregrass students on issues affecting our planet.

“The Earth is very important to me, and I have concerns about how our generation will treat it,” confessed Emily Newell, a junior and member of Earth Club at WRHS.

Passionate Sophomore, Vanessa Taylor, enjoyed the event.

“I found the event very exciting; especially as a Vegan. I believe that meat manipulates animals and that we should handle oceanic issues better,” Explains Taylor.

Booths were sponsored by companies such as National Geographic and WEDU alongside student clubs and animal rights activists. Tesla, the luxury hi-tech car company, brought with them two of their high-end models to educate students and teachers on the impact cars have on the environment.

“The Tesla cars were really cool, and the fact that they’re safe for the environment makes them even more interesting,” complimented Sophomore, Currine Talaga.

Classes such as AP Biology, AP Statistics, Marine Science, and AP Environmental Science displayed student projects that informed fellow classmates of the worries and wonders of the planet and those who live among it.

Vanessa Podkomorski, science teacher and Earth Club sponsor, was in charge of carrying out the event and is thankful to all that participated.

“It is so important we take care of the Earth, and hopefully this event can shine the light on the issue,” explained Mrs. Podkomorski.

With high attendance and student participation, the Earth Day Fair successfully educated many on the impact humans have on the environment.

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