Teens for Troops giving back to military families


Care Packages that were being sent off on December 5th.

Teens for Troops was founded by Senior, Jackie Miner and English Teacher, Ms. Doane. The club was established this past August and has it’s sights set on continuing even after Miner graduates. The overall goal for the club is to give back to our military personal and their families.

Miner had the idea after her own experience with helping veterans over summer break. She volunteered at James A. Hailey Veterans Hospital in Tampa, Florida and realized the need our Military personal and their families have.

With so many ways to give back to these amazing people and their families, Miner started with a few things she thought would be important. For example, care packages. Care packages are made and sent to our troops that are serving in active duty. They can consist of many different things, but often times it’s something as easy as the essentials like: snacks, batteries, cough drops, soap, band-aids, and even things to help pass the time, like movies.

But it’s not just our soldiers that are being impacted by war, it’s their families too. So many families are missing a parent, often times for several months, even years, while serving overseas. Either a mother or father is missing in their everyday life, and that can be difficult for a spouse left to carry the load of two. Jackie came up with the idea of tutoring kids that have parent(s) serving. Being a single parent is hard enough, let alone when one is off in service.

When I asked Miner for her future goals for the club, she stated, “Our main goal is to adopt a family of a fallen solider by the end of the school year.” Adopting a family is basically taking care of a specific family by giving them easy essentials and optional tutoring.

If you’re interested in being a part of this great cause, there are several ways you can help. Teens for Troops is growing and accepting new members. Wiregrass Ranch High School is also a donation drop off location, anyone can bring their donations in. Members that bring in donations will also receive volunteer hours for their generous donations.