Selecting the right club


Key Club

Wiregrass Key Club in 2018 standing in front of the Humane Society of Tampa after volunteering.

As the school year begins at Wiregrass, clubs are eager to add new members and get to work. However, with over 60 clubs and organizations, students are often overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. Luckily, Wiregrass is hosting a club showcase this Wednesday during all lunches in the gym for students to learn more about some of the clubs offered.

Service Clubs

Some of the clubs at Wiregrass are national and global service clubs. These clubs strive to help others in their community through volunteer activities, and they raise awareness for many issues. Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) club and Key Club are the two major service clubs offered at Wiregrass.

“Key Club helps your community and it’s a great way to volunteer with people in the school; it’s just a great club overall,” Key Club secretary Gianna Ginesin said.

The sponsor of Key Club, Jolynn Warner, also encourages students to join Key Club and other clubs at Wiregrass.

“I love that [Key Club] provides a great opportunity for students to give back to our community. It helps them become leaders in social change and solving community problems,” Warner added. “Club involvement looks great on a college application, it helps students be more successful academically, helps develop their passions and interests, and also a great way to make new friends.”

National president of SADD club, Shaina Finkel, giving a speech at her swearing in ceremony this summer. (Swain)

SADD club president, Shaina Finkel, views SADD club as a great opportunity for students to make a difference in their community.

“SADD is an incredible organization that focuses on peer to peer relationships,” Finkel explained. “Members work to empower other students to make safe and healthy choices and educate themselves on the destructive decisions we as teens face everyday.”

SADD club social media manager, Chloe Salerno, has been a member of the club for three years.

“My favorite part about the club is being around people that have the same interests as me and helping my community,” junior Chloe Salerno said.

Niche Clubs

In addition to service clubs, Wiregrass also offers many niche clubs. From gaming to economics, students with any interest can find a niche club that suits them. These specific interest clubs, such chess club, offer a place for students with similar interest to come together and participate in fun activities.

“The most enjoyable part of chess club for me is strategizing and solving abstract puzzles with other people. Students should join chess club to exercise their critical thinking skills as well as their social skills,” chess club sponsor Benjamin Potter explained.

Earth Club in 2019 painting boxes to reuse as recycling containers for the Fall Festival. (Instagram @wrhsearthclub)

Earth club is another engaging club that focuses on fun pro-Earth activities and volunteer events, such as roadside clean-ups and Wiregrass’s community garden.  Club sponsor Brittnay Doane hints that Earth club has some bigger plans for this school year.

“The biggest thing is the garden out by the portables, which we are going to clean up next week, so that’s gonna be a hot day,” Doane said. “And this year we’re going to try to branch out into other like aspects of Earth, like things with sustainability.”

If you are interested in joining any of these clubs, or learning more about the rest of the clubs and organizations at Wiregrass, be sure to check out the club showcase on Wednesday!