Key Club travels to district conference in Orlando

WRHS Key Club members after a district assembly

WRHS Key Club members after a district assembly

Wiregrass Key Club earned many distinctions at the recent district conference in Orlando. President Elizabeth O’Shay won Key-Clubber of the year. Twenty Wiregrass Key Club members earned Distinguished Member Awards and 17 won the Governor’s Member Award. All officers also received Distinguished Board Member Awards including: Elizabeth O’Shay, Stephanie Carrion, Emily Snider, Gianna Picarelli, and Kathryn Sherman. The club as a whole was awarded for Membership Growth, the Govenernor’s Project, and Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF. They were also awarded first place for their club scrapbook which will be in Chicago this summer representing the entire Florida District of Key Club.

Thirty members of the Wiregrass Key Club went to Orlando for the district conference.  This trip was called DCON, which stands for “District Leadership and Education Conference.” During this period of time, students were able to do numerous activities like workshops and assemblies, and vote on district board members to represent Florida.

The students left on Thursday, April 5th and stayed until the morning of Sunday, April 8th. When they arrived at the hotel that Thursday they waited in the ballrooms until they were able to enter their rooms and get settled in.

The bus ride to Orlando.

The following morning, the students went to different workshops and listened to various guests, like speaker Erin Fischer. They listened to all the candidates that were running for district board positions and attended caucusing sessions to become better educated on each candidate.

Key Clubber Sofia Laviosa expressed her enthusiasm about the first day of DCON.

“I really enjoyed listening to what all the speakers had to say, and I loved the amazing food offered at the end,” Laviosa said.

During the entertainment assembly on the second day, Wiregrass was honored multiple times for Distinguished Officer and Member awards. The Bulls’ club president, senior Elli O’Shay, was also awarded with the highest award in the entire Florida district: Key Clubber of the Year. This award came with a $1,000 scholarship and sizeable trophy.

“I was very surprised to have actually won Key Clubber of the Year. When they were describing the recipient, I didn’t think it would be me. I just applied because it doesn’t hurt to apply, but I did not expect to actually get it,” O’Shay said. “I went up on the stage and took a picture with the district governor.”

Some of the members that attended the trip.

On Saturday, April 7th, there was a ball held and all the students got to dress up and go dance for a few hours. The room was huge and there was a DJ as well as colorful lights that decorated the room.

Sophomore Cortney Polo, remarked on her favorite part of the trip overall.

“The ball was probably my favorite part, and we even got to go to the pool afterwards,” Polo said.

The Key Club members all expressed their sadness when it came time to leave. The various activities were solid bonding experiences for all the new members that went. The trip was beneficial to the Wiregrass Key Club as a whole, and something that the students in attendance will never forget.

The ball at the conference.