Wiregrass Ranch Homecoming spirit week


Students at Wiregrass Ranch High School dressed to impress all week for their spirit week. Homecoming spirit week was from October 17th to October 20th preceding the Homecoming Dance on the 21st of October.

Students dressed up for Tacky Tuesday.

Tuesday was Tacky Tuesday. Students dressed up in a variety of wacky outfits, for example wearing mismatch outfits like stripes and polka dots together. Some students really went all out, in true tacky fashion.

Jackson Trudel, Senior, dressed up for Tacky Tuesday.

Senior Jackson Trudel tried his best to represent tacky on Tuesday.

“I kinda just threw on items that are in my closet that I didn’t think would go together and it turned out pretty well. I also saved things from previous years, so I put those things together too,” Trudel explained.

Wednesday was Class Colors Day. Students dressed up according to the color of their grade level. Freshman wore white, Sophomores wore purple, Juniors wore blue, and Seniors wore pink.

Juniors powderpuff team during their timeout.

Amanda Morales, a Junior, loves dressing up for Homecoming week.

“I like having a Homecoming week, because it’s so fun to dress up. My friends and I decided we wanted to wear tutus so we went to Walmart to get matching ones.”

The Powder Puff game also followed later on that day. The Championship Game was between the Senior and Junior class. The Juniors were victorious with a score of  8-6.

Thursday was Throwback Thursday and students dressed in outfits from different decades.

Students dressed up to their favorite decade on Throwback Thursday.

Alexandra Joyce, a Senior, commented on what inspired her outfit for Throwback Thursday.

“I had these cool glasses that I really wanted to wear so we had to go with some kind of hippie look. I felt groovy and everyone’s outfit came out very good,” Joyce explained.

Friday, the last day of spirit week, was Maroon Madness day. Students showed their school spirit by wearing Wiregrass shirts or school colors. The Fall Fest also occurred from 4 to 7 and was followed by the Homecoming Game, where the bulls won 58-0.

Students showed their school spirit during the school pep rally followed by the Homecoming Game later on.

Saturday was the Homecoming Dance, this year’s theme was Dancing through the Decades.

Alana Cepeda, a Junior, enjoyed the Homecoming dance.

“I liked this year’s Homecoming theme and decorations. The music at the dance was alright, but I still had a very fun time. I also liked the snacks that they had provided there,” Cepeda said.