Kickball Mania 2017 final day of competition


Kickball Mania 2017 Champions: The Wilderness Explorer Scouts

Kickball Mania 2017 has officially come to an end with Wilderness Explorer Scouts victorious. The team included: Will Lovelace, Luke Burstiner, Alex Baig, Casey Moran, Zach Schwartz, Jv Martinez, Josh Solt, Nate Kotlyn, Brandon Pierceall, Tristan Thiel, Jordan Spana, and Ryan Capo.

The following pictures are from the four games that took place this afternoon. The first game was a win for the Habibis vs. Sprayground. In the second game, the Habibis took on the Diving Dolphins, and won again. After winning two straight games, Habibis entered the championship game vs. Wilderness Explorer Scouts. Habibis won the first game against the Scouts, but Wilderness Explorer Scouts clinched their victory in the second game, making them the official 2017 Kickball Mania champions.