Featured athlete – tennis player, Destiny Okungbowa


Destiny Okungbowa playing against Zephyrhills last year.

Destiny Okungbowa is a Sophomore and 2nd year Varsity member of the Wiregrass Ranch High School boys tennis team. Last year, as a Freshman, he was an important piece of the Bulls team that only lost 1 game.

Last year’s team was undeniably dominant. However, a few players graduated over the summer, which puts more pressure on players like Okungbowa to excel as he’s pushed into a more prominent leadership role. When asked how he deals with the increased pressure, Destiny was quick to answer.

“I just take it one match at a time and try to enjoy it,”he explained. “This is a huge part of my life, but I play tennis to be the best Okungbowa to ever do it. Pressure or setbacks won’t stop me from achieving that.”

He’s alluding, of course, to his older brothers, Wiregrass tennis stars Courage and Foresight, and his older sister and current Senior, Precious. Considering their elite level of play during their careers at Wiregrass Ranch, Destiny Okungbowa has his work cut out for him. The Okungbowa’s have definitely left their mark on Wiregrass tennis.

Boys tennis coach, David Wilson agrees about the Okungbowa legacy and is eager to see the youngest Okungbowa grow as a player.

“Destiny comes from a long line of tennis stars that have played here at WRHS. He is an outstanding player and keeps getting better every day,” Wilson explains.

Destiny comments on the pressure he faces as the youngest Okungbowa.

“It’s not easy because of the high expectations, but I’m able to manage,” said Okungbowa. “I know I’ll be the best Okungbowa one day; in order to do that, I’ll just have to work harder.”

When asked about the best part of his game, Okungbowa was more than enthusiastic to answer.

“Definitely my serve and my forehand. Especially my forehand,” Okungbowa boasted.

Despite the team’s satisfactory record last year, Okungbowa¬†thinks the team can accomplish even more this year.

“Compared to last year, I think I’ve gotten better mentally and I’ve improved upon my movements. I’ve also made tremendous climbs with my backhand. As to my expectations for this year, I think we can definitely make a run for the state title,” Okungbowa claims.