Featured Athlete– Jordan Miner, Varsity Football & Basketball

Jordan Miner

Jordan Miner

Jordan Miner is a Junior at Wiregrasss Ranch High School (WRHS) and has been playing cornerback for the Varsity Football team since he was thirteen years old.

Although Miner is very skilled in football, he also plays shooting guard for the basketball team.

“I don’t have favorite I love both. They’re both equal,” said Miner about which sport he prefers.

Coach Calzone, the Varsity basketball coach believes Miner is an integral part of his team.

“Jordan is a valuable asset to our team. He a great shooter and he is a great leader,” said Calzone.

Miner has spent pretty much his entire life playing these sports. His passion for football started when he was four years old, and has continued ever since.

“Really what got me interested in sports is just growing up watching it and playing the video games of it. And plus my brother played, so I wanted to,” said Miner.

The future looks bright for Miner, as he plans to play football in college. His skills have caught the eyes of scouts from major D1 schools. His offers at the moment range from University of Florida, Maryland, Kentucky, Penn State, Toledo, Bowling Green to USF, Tulane, and Middle Tennessee State.

Head football coach, Mark Kantor knows Miner is destined for great things.

“Jordan is a fantastic young man who has a bright future in terms of sports.  He is a natural, which does not come around often to coach.  It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to coach this young man,” said Kantor.

Miner has yet to make a decision on which school he would like to attend for college.

“I’m probably going to make a decision before my senior year I’m not quite sure yet,” said Miner.