Wiregrass Ranch High School’s casting call has been answered



Miss Sheppard (far right), leading her troupe as Drama Club President on Halloween night in 2014.

Wiregrass Troupe 7141, has a new drama teacher: Alexa Sheppard. Once a student at Wiregrass Ranch and drama club president, Sheppard is excited to be back at the Ranch.

“It’s so surreal being on this side of things,” Sheppard explained.

Alexa Sheppard is a self-proclaimed “theatre kid” who embraces all aspects of the art. She performed in many shows while a student at Wiregrass Ranch, and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of  Tampa after high school. Along with teaching, she also stars in community productions at local theatre such as the Carrollwood Players.

“I have loved theater and performing for as long as I can remember…” Sheppard said. “Performing is where I truly feel like the truest version of myself.”

She was excited to apply to teach at the same school that holds so many theatre memories for her. 

“I’m very active on social media with all of my acting and community theater involvement,” Sheppard said. “I received messages from my teacher friends telling me about the position and the rest is history.”

Combining her experience as student, professional, and now teacher, Sheppard hopes to focus on specific skills she knows will help develop each actor.

Sheppard showing off her International Thespian awards after her first IE festival in 2013, coining the term “I Live Off Book!” (Sheppard)

“I work as a voice actor and would love to empathize the importance of character work,” Sheppard said. “…playing around with voices, accents, dialects, and so much more.”

Sheppard has high hopes for her students and the theatre program at the Ranch.

“I have big and wonderful plans for rebuilding this program to be bigger and better than ever,” Sheppard said. “I’m all about involving the community and promoting the fun, lively, and high quality shows we’ll be putting out.”

Leah Ifill, Wiregrass junior and thespians president, shared her thoughts on the new year for theatre and new instructor.

“I am so excited for being president this year,” Ifill explained. “I am so thankful for Ms. Sheppard and so excited for what this year has in store for us!”