Coach Wilson’s legacy continues with 200th win


Mrs. Swain

Coach Wilson talking to his team on the sidelines

Coach David Wilson earned his 200th game win coaching for the Wiregrass Ranch boys soccer team last Wednesday, as his team defeated Steinbrenner 2-0. Coach Wilson has worked at the Ranch since its’ opening in 2006, working also as the athletic director and tennis coach. Over the years, the boys soccer program has seen tremendous growth with Wilson leading the team.

“In the first year, we only had 9th and 10th graders, basically playing a varsity schedule as a JV team, and went 3-18,” Wilson explained. “To go from there to now, 200 wins, shows that our program has come a long way.”

Coach Wilson talking to his players after the game.

A 3-18 record quickly turned into an 18-5-2 record in a span of just 3 seasons. The boy’s soccer program hit their highest point in 2015, going all the way to the 4A State Final Fours. Outstanding performances by Chris Faddoul (2017 alumnus) and Andy Hippely (class of 2015 alumnus), both with over 20 goals that season, led to a program-setting record of 27-2-1.

“Playing in front of everyone [2014-2015 Regional Finals] and seeing Brendan [Duran] score that last minute goal against Melbourne to win was just an indescribable feeling and I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” John Pease (2017 alumnus) said.

Many former players credit Coach Wilson with having a major impact on their life.

“Coach Wilson has made a positive impact on my soccer career in that he always demanded to give your best,” Class of 2015 graduate Tyler Palmer explained. “The environment he’s created throughout the program over the years is player-friendly, fun, and competitive which is a direct reflection of the person that Coach Wilson is.”

Selfless: Hosting open fields every summer even though he’s not getting paid, just to give everyone a chance to play in the summer.

— Maurice Lewis

Along with being coach of the boys soccer team, Wilson is well known for his character and mentoring of every single player on his team. He has been described by his players as “selfless, humble, inspiring, kind, genuine, and altruistic.”

“He always seems to put others in front of him even if it means sacrificing his money and time,” Graduating class of 2018 Ian Flores explained. “There have been many times where Wilson has paid out of pocket money for players when we made runs to McDonald’s after games. His eye for understanding players feelings and emotions have made him a world class coach both on and off the field.”

Coach Wilson’s impact extends beyond soccer for many of his players, including 2017 graduate Chris Faddoul.

“The years I played for Coach Wilson were by far the most fun I’ve had playing any sport, not just soccer,” Faddoul said. “He has a one of a kind coaching style that cannot be replicated. He’s taught me more about life than he has soccer.”

“Coach Wilson taught me to love the sport and my teammates no matter what happens; we’ll always be a family.

— Jack Nolting (Class of 2018)

Mrs. Swain
Coach Wilson talking to his players and assistants on the bench.