Earth club planting new seeds


Josiah Garcia

Earth club members sporting their new clubs shirts.

Wiregrass Ranch’s Earth club is hoping to add some new members to their club who are passionate about the environment. Earth club is all about going green not only in the school, but in the community as well.

Earth club during a clean-up last year.

Earth club has participated in many events to help our planet. Just last year, the club took a trip to the Energy Marine Center to do a trash pick up after Hurricane Harvey. After a message on keeping our land and water clean, students picked up trash around the facility. They also took a kayak trip on the lake to find more litter.

Vice President Florencia Corbo-Ferreira has been in the club for two years now and enjoys the friendships she has been able to make in the club. She understands the importance of keeping our planet clean.

“You get the chance to do things to help or be involved with the planet!” Ferreira stated. “Even if it’s something small like using a metal water bottle instead of plastic, it’s the change that matters.”

This year, the members of Earth club are working to construct a garden at Wiregrass Ranch. They plan to reach out to environmentally friendly restaurants in the Wesley Chapel area for fundraising help to build the garden. With the help of the National Science Honor Society members and their knowledge of hydroponics, the garden will be more efficient and green.

Along with this, there are plans in place for another Earth Day Fair later this year. This marks the third year for the Earth Day Fair at Wiregrass Ranch.

Senior guidance counselor Catherine Billington, the new club sponsor, is very excited for the future of Earth club.

“I love it. Helping raise awareness of ways each of us can make a small change to save our environment is an important cause,” Billington explained. “We need to have a clear direction towards some well-defined goals to make this effort work.”

Josiah Garcia
This year’s Earth club t shirts.