College and career reps visit Wiregrass Ranch students


Throughout the month of September, admissions representatives from different universities will be hosting sessions around campus. These reps have come from schools all across the country to show students what their universities offer.

So far eight universities have visited Wiregrass Ranch. University of Florida, George Mason University, Seton Hall University, and the University of Alabama plan to host sessions in the coming weeks.

Pictured above are some of the promotional items from the college reps.

Students at the Ranch seem to really be expectant for these visits.

“I hope to walk out with a better understanding about the college, and to also gain more information on what I want to do there,” Senior Savita Kisoensingh explained.

Junior Hannah Banks is also expecting a lot from this upcoming visit.

“I want to know what to aim for to get into a good college and be prepared,” Banks said.

College and Career Specialist Jen Batchelor plans these sessions for students with the college representatives.

“The purpose of the visits is to provide information and resources to students directly from the schools,” Batchelor explained. “It also provides the opportunity for our students to ask questions and get immediate feedback regarding what these schools have to offer, how to apply, what do they need to have to be considered for admission, and what, if any, financial aid do they offer.”

Sign-ups for these visits are available on the bulletin board by the east exit of the 300 building, by the HHS commons.