Festival of Science encourages new interests

Science National Honor Society ran the Festival of Science with many interesting demonstrations.


The Science National Honor Society (SNHS) and Wiregrass Ranch held a Festival of Science to encourage more students to take interest in science and show how intriguing it can be. The Festival of Science was held Friday, February 23 during 4th through 7th period in the courtyard at the front of the school.

Senior and President of SNHS, Patrick Sullivan talked about his inspiration for this fair.

“Last year when they had the Earth Day fair, I wanted to do something similar, but with science,” Sullivan said. “This year, I’ve also been trying to do more activities and events with SNHS, so I wanted to do a big event that got students, especially those not in advanced science classes, into science as well as incorporating something fun for our members.”

Physics students doing an experiment with magnets.

The Festival of Science was split into four different categories: chemistry, biology, physics, and other, which included sciences such as computer science, marine science, and environmental science. Each group had a number of demonstrations they created that related to their field of science.

The physics group had many  demonstrations involving magnets and weight distributions. Chemistry students did experiments with elephant toothpaste and biology students brought out termites that would follow a line drawn on a paper. Other sciences included experiments such as a poker program coded by AP Computer Science students, an oil clean-up experiment, and the “chock cycle” (the rock cycle made out of chocolate).

Senior Marissa Conner, who attended the festival, talked about her favorite demonstration.

“I really enjoyed the computer science poker demo because of the real world applications, and it was also interesting how they programmed and coded 4 random decks of cards,” Conner said.

Students playing with the chemistry experiment.

SNHS sponsor Mr. Charneske hopes that the Festival of Science got more students interested in science.

“The goal is to get more students interested in science, and into different fields of science they maybe haven’t considered before. We have a lot of cool physics demonstrations this year that I think many kids found fascinating,” Charneske explained.

With the turnout this year, SNHS hopes this event becomes a tradition and continues to be offered to students.

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