Reaching for success: Wiregrass tests out new schedule


Students working during their Study Hall REACH period.

Wiregrass Ranch had a trial run of a “REACH” period on Thursday last week, which is a 30-minute class built into the schedule, designed to assist students in a particular subject or help with skill acquisition. This period also allows teachers a chance to give students a better understanding on a certain standard the student struggled with in class, without requiring the student to stay after school or disrupting class time.

Ms. Diephloz teaching her REACH period class which was “Prepping for First Year of College.”

For the first trial REACH period, students were given a list of all the classes available for them to sign up for.  If you were not requested to attend a specific session, you had many other options to choose from. Some examples of the sessions available were: “Sentence construction” with Mrs. Kincaid, “AP Calculus exam prep” with Mr. Adams, “Knife skills 101” with Chef Blythe, and many other options including numerous study halls for those students who just needed 30 minutes to work on homework.

Students, Alyssa Bahr (12) and Jessie Cerreta (12) working on homework in Mr. Huff’s study hall.

Sophomore Mihajlo Nenadovic felt the REACH period was beneficial for him.

“For the REACH period, I attended a study hall, and overall it really helped me because I was given time to get homework done that I might have not had time to do outside of school because I work a lot,” Nenadovic said.

Senior Autumn Fullerton also enjoyed the REACH period.

“I think the REACH period was a great way for student to get extra time in classes that they needed help in and is something that will definitely benefit the students at Wiregrass in years to come,” Fullerton commented.

Principal Robyn White is hopeful that Wiregrass will see the REACH period as part of the weekly school schedule next year.

“The REACH period will be offered once a week next year for the purpose of providing intervention or extension time for students. It should be a period where students can get help in areas that they are lacking in or a time that they can learn a new skill. For some, it may be the extra 30 minutes they need to complete an assignment or research for a project. For others, it could be SAT or ACT review. The ideas are endless when you have the opportunity to create weekly meetings. All of this is dependent on a positive teacher response and vote, and for students to take advantage of these opportunities,” White explained.

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