HOSA travels to regional competition


HOSA students at the Regional Competition

Wiregrass competed at the regional HOSA competition at Winter Haven High School on Saturday January 27th, and came away with 22 awards. Wiregrass had 70 students compete in the event against 24 other schools.

Health Occupation Students of America is a club that is an extension of the WRHS Medical Academy. The club allows student to expand their learning outside of the classroom and learn more about the different health professions.

Regionals had 52 different events for students to compete in. Students were able to choose a category tailored to their strengths, a subject they like, or even work in on group projects.

Wiregrass HOSA students participated in 23 different events with 22 students in the top 5 for 11 different events and 12 students going to states.

To go to the state competition, students are required to place in the top 3 of their category at the regional competition.

Senior Shaniah Spence received 1st place in Extemporaneous Health Poster. She stated how she felt about going to states.

“I feel pretty excited to go to states for the third time and excited to compete. I have been researching previous posters and looking up different ideas to improve my poster for the state competition,” Spence said.

Mrs. Sterman, sponsor of HOSA, expressed how proud she was of the Wiregrass HOSA students.

“Everyone who attended the regional competition did a great job. No matter what the student was placed in, it was a good learning experience and all the students looked very professional,” Sterman said.

HOSA students Madelyn Brotherton (10) and Mya Simard (10) presented Psychologist as their career display.

Junior Jaelyn Kirkland, secretary of HOSA, participated in the Health Career Display category, and was confident in her presentation.

“I have been working with my partner Morgan Gregory for the past few weeks creating our display. We had to create a blackboard with information from a certain career as well as create a speech too. This year we chose Physical Therapy and I was proud on the outcome of the board and our group presentation,” Kirkland said.

Junior Mariah Santiago, who participated in CPR and First Aid, expressed the knowledge she gained at the competition.

“I had a fun time at regionals. I met a lot of new people and learned more about the different job opportunities in my field. I also attended the informative talk sessions; overall, it was a good learning experience and I would love to go again,” Santiago said.

The 22 winners from Wiregrass included: Healthy Lifestyle: Stephanie Carrion 1st, Alex Quimbayo 2nd;
Extemporaneous Health Poster: Shaniah Spence 1st; Epidemiology: Diego Millar 1st; Prepared Speaking: Youanna Mosad 2nd; Health Career Photography: Ana Sinclair 4th; HOSA Bowl: (Micaiah White, Anjalie Teter, Zahra Fayiz) 4th; Health Career Display: (Mya Simard & Madelyn Brotherton) 3rd; Medical Innovation: (Jordyn Beer, Madison Gregory, Lauren Williams, Kyra Johnson) 3rd, (Kileigh Grace, Anna-Karina Polanco) 4th; Creative Problem Solving: (Julia Brett, Norah Catlin, Katie Arnold) 4th; Pharmacology Knowledge Test: Natalia Messam 3rd; Nutrition Knowledge Test: Kathryn Sherman 5th.