Science National Honor Society welcomes new members

Science National Honor Society inducted it’s new members for the 2017-2018 school year.


The Wiregrass Ranch chapter of Science National Honor Society (SNHS) recently held their induction ceremony where 30 new members were inducted into the club. The ceremony was held on Tuesday, January 9th after school.

During the ceremony, officers called up each new member and they explained which Science teacher or class inspired them to join the club. They were each given a certificate and a t-shirt.

Nina Rosso, senior and inductee, was thrilled after her name was called.

“It felt great to finally be inducted and now a member of Science National Honor Society,” Rosso said.

Hunter Dahlgren, also a recent inductee, is a Junior at Wiregrass and hopes SNHS will build on his science background.

“I have a passion for science and helping other students succeed in science. I’m thinking of maybe doing something with chemistry or engineering in college, and I think this club might help me achieve those goals,” Dahlgren explained.

SNHS members lighting their glow sticks to “illuminate the world.”

To become members of the club, students had to fill out an application and also meet specific requirements.

Reis Ehman, Vice President of SNHS, explained that certain requirements include GPA and course selection.

“Students need a 3.75 weighted GPA, a 3.667 unweighted science GPA, and also be enrolled in one science honors or advanced placement course before junior year and a 2nd honors or AP science course by senior year,” Ehman said.

Mrs. Diepholz, a biology teacher and sponsor of the club, explained what all SNHS does.

“SNHS is a place where the best of the best science students who have a high GPA and excel in science get to participate in community outreach in different fields of science. Students also volunteer and participate in the Science Fair, expanding their knowledge on the different areas of science,” Diepholz said.

The club is currently working on planning a Festival of Science that would demonstrate lab demos in each subject, but it has not been confirmed yet.