Wiregrass introduces new awning


The new awning after being finished.

The week before Thanksgiving break, Wiregrass began building an awning to stretch across the courtyard by the gym and cafeteria. It will provide students with protection from rain and from Florida’s prominent sunlight. The awning will also include tables where students can sit, which is something they are looking forward to.

“I think it’s a good idea, another place to sit outside in the shade will be something students will like,” senior Taylor Pudoka commented.

Crowding has been a big issue for Wiregrass for the last couple years, even after Cypress Creek opened. The school believes the awning may be a way to alleviate some of the stress, and help the student body’s comfort levels. With an awning and tables under which students can sit, the lunch room will be less crowded.

view of support poles being put up

“This will benefit students by giving more space to spread out during lunch and allow for some additional quiet/shaded space for those that may want to study or for outdoor reading/projects,” Principal Robyn White explained.

The awning construction had a few unexpected complications, but they were all able to be solved and the project was completed on December 11th, 2017.

“They discovered six electrical conduits running through the middle of where they needed to place the poles. In another hole, they broke the casing for one of the conduits and there were some other minor things,” Principal White added.

Students are now enjoying the shade provided by the awning throughout the day.

Sophomore Hannah Taugner appreciates the shade provided by the awning in the late afternoon heat.

“It was very hot and bright in the courtyard before the awning was installed. I like having a place to relax in the shade,” Taugner explained.

It will still take several weeks for the tables under the awning to be put in because they still need to be built. Construction is expected to be fully completed in late January.