DuBose relives football career at UF

Assistant Principal, Jimmy Dubose, recently named Mr. Two-Bit, draws attention to his superstar past.


Assistant Principal Jimmy Dubose

Some people have secret pasts or hidden backgrounds, but Wiregrass Ranch High School (WRHS) assistant principal Jimmy DuBose had a not-so-secret football career in the 1970s. Playing from his childhood all the way through three years in the NFL, DuBose had a successful, yet relatively short, football career.

Looking back on his football career before college, the former athlete remembered the most special memories.

“From a young age, I can recall trips from playing games out of town,” DuBose said. “I remember playing against our rival in high school on Thanksgiving Day.”

DuBose in his early football career

After playing at Sarasota High School through his senior year, the standout player earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Florida (UF). DuBose played fullback for the Gators and led the team to its first year winning nine regular-season games.

“College was a really special time,” DuBose said. “I got to meet some new people, travel to different cities and states, and I won some awards for my accomplishments on the field.”

As mentioned, DuBose was highly recognized for his achievements in college. This included being selected for the All-Southeastern Confrence (SEC) team and the second All-American team, also finishing sixth in the Heisman trophy balloting. He was inducted into the UF Atheltic Hall of Fame in 1987 as well.

Recently at the November 25th UF game, DuBose was invited back to the school to be the honorary “Mr. Two-Bits”, a tradition where famous alumni lead the crowd in pregame festivities, including a cheer.

In an interview with UF, DuBose claims he was shocked but appreciative when he was asked to take this honor. Seeing as he held past records for the school, it is no surprise to the rest of us that he was chosen.

DuBose playing football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Soon after college, DuBose was drafted to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the second round. He played well for a short time, taking the Bucs from “Worst to First,” until he tore ligaments in his knee, which led to the end of his football career.

Faced with the need to change his career path, Dubose worked in management at a telephone company before downsizing led him to a move to education.

Dubose worked in the education field as a teacher before becoming an administrator in Hillsborough county. He made the move to Wiregrass Ranch in 2006 and has been a Bull ever since.

During all of these changes, Dubose was supported by his family, Renalia Dubose, his wife, and his two children, Dewayne and Lauren.

Throughout these experiences, DuBose explained the most important lesson he has learned: never give up.

“As long as there is time on the clock, you have a chance to win the game,” DuBose shared, “and in life, as long as you’re breathing, you have a chance to succeed.”