Senior Powderpuff defeats Sunlake


Senior powderpuff team and coaches after their win against SunLake

Wiregrass Ranch High School Seniors secured a victory over Sunlake High School Seniors in an ultimate Powderpuff match-up. On November 9th, Wiregrass and Sunlake played a full four-quarter powder puff game as a fundraising event for Sunlake.

The Wiregrass Seniors were eager for this match-up because it gave them a chance to prove their talent after a loss to the Juniors during their powder puff finals.

Bulls defense stopping a Sunlake play.

“We’ve fixed our mistakes and we’re a better team now,” coach AJ Brown commented.

The Wiregrass seniors were confident in their ability to beat Sunlake, even though a senior class has never competed against another school in Wiregrass history.

“I don’t think they’ll be difficult, but since we have never seen them play before, we have to be ready for whatever plays they try to do,” captain Madison Mesnekoff said.

This game had some high expectations before going into it, and the Wiregrass seniors exceeded those expectations with a 32-24 win over Sunlake.

Seniors resting on offense

“We did what we needed to do and made great plays just like I knew we would,” coach AJ Brown commented.

Hailey Knight was the star of this game as the team’s quarterback and kicker.

“I really tried to do my best so we could win and kicking wasn’t something I’ve practiced before, but I’m glad we got the win,” Knight explained.

The Bulls succeeded in their win and made up for their loss to the juniors. A new yearly challenge between Sunlake and Wiregrass may become a tradition for Bulls to come.