Stop with the sequels


Source: Wikimedia Commons

For the past fifteen years, there has been a rumor going around that cinema is dying. The main factor that leads to this opinion is companies over reliance on sequels, reboots, and remakes.

In the movie-making business, the overall norm of the 21st century is to release a couple huge blockbusters a year to try and make a profit. Because of the abundant amount of sequels being released, many moviegoers are starting to notice that there aren’t many original films being made, and it’s starting to make people angry.

If you look at the top ten grossing films every year for the past ten years, there are only sixteen original films on those lists. So only sixteen films have reached that milestone in the last decade. In a world where there are hundreds of movies released a year, it is kind of sad that only sequels and reboots can make it into the top ten. It shows that while people feel as though cinema is “dying,” people are still going to see the sequels and reboots.

‘Get Out’, the highest grossing original movie of 2017.

In a study ran by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), it was found that people age 18-24 went to the movies the most during 2016. They went on average of 6.5 times a year. That is roughly one time every other month, which isn’t a lot.

Being a teenager myself, I know the kind of movies kids my age want to see. They want to see the big sequels that come out every so often. They want to see the newest superhero movie or the cool horror reboot that’s getting a lot of buzz on Twitter. The movie that kids my age don’t want to see is the new, original movie that has critics raving.

The lack of interest in these original movies are causing them to flop at the box office, therefore causing movie studios to lack interest in producing the movies, which lead to original movies not being made.

‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ is the 4th Spider-Man movie released in the last 10 years.

Kids in this day and age need to broaden their horizon when it comes to the films they watch. How about the next time you go on a movie date, you go see a movie like La La Land instead of seeing the 5th movie about Iron Man to come out in the last year.