Bulls Triumph Over Wildcats


WRHS Bulls celebrating their win against Chapel.

Last night’s rivalry game against the Wildcats, concluded in a victory for the Bulls.

The scores for each set were: 25-10, 25-19, 25-19.

Wiregrass waiting to receive the ball.

“We didn’t play at our 100% level, but it’s Chapel, and we make sure to pull out the win every year,” Senior Alyson Clark commented.

Thursday’s game against Steinbrenner has been canceled. The game will be rescheduled, but an official date has yet to be announced. This match-up is predicted to be another win for the now 5-1 Wiregrass Bulls.

“I think this game will be a good one to watch, as Steinbrenner is one of our biggest competitors,” Senior Captain Zoria Telfare stated.

Updates about the reschedule will be announced later next week.

Wiregrass serving against Wesley Chapel.

The Bulls next scheduled match will be on September 12th at Wharton.