Wiregrass football vs. Armwood preview


Aisia Walden

The Bulls enter the field with smoke in the air and fans cheering them on.

The Wiregrass Bulls will take on the Armwood Hawks this Friday. In previous years, the Hawks have always come out on top, but the Bulls have prepared for a battle on the field. Currently, the two teams have a pretty similar record, the Bulls are 4-2 while the Hawks are 5-2.

Bulls offensive tackle, Cristian Loaiza, believes his team is ready for the match up.

“I feel like with all the film we have watched and through the practices, we have the plays to be put in the position to win Friday’s game,” Loaiza explained. “All we have to do now is execute.”

Wiregrass senior, Mckayla Battle, went to the last two Armwood games and plans on going to her third this Friday night.

“The game is always exciting and entertaining,” Battle explained. “I have friends on both teams so it is fun to be able to go and support them all at the same time.”

The Bulls setting up for their next play. (Aisia Walden)

The Bulls have practiced all season and have played against other tough teams that have prepared them for this game. Bulls head coach, Mark Kantor, explained how he prepped the team for the upcoming game.

“We prepared for this game like any other game on our schedule” stated Kantor. “One day at a time, one snap at a time, one play at a time.”

The Bulls will travel to Armwood High on Friday night for the game and are hopeful that Bulls Nation will make it out to support them.