Holiday Photo Shoot

Faculty and staff’s children pose for holiday photos.


photographer: Hannah DiBrango

Mrs. Swain’s son, Nolan, posing happily for photo.

For the holidays, Mrs. Corradini’s photography class arranged a photo shoot for the faculty and staff’s children. The goal for the photographers was to capture the children’s personality, showing who they are through the camera. Each photographer had a little bit of a different approach to the way they shot their photos.

Emily Ebner made sure to focus on the eyes of the child, by brightening them with the photoshop editor. While cropping the background to making sure each child was clearly in the center of the photograph. Other than that, she didn’t do too much editing, in an effort to keep the photographs in their natural form.

Photo of Nolan, taken by photographer: Emily Ebner

Hannah DiBrango did a great job at capturing the joyfulness and innocence of Mrs. Swain’s son, Nolan, in a couple of her photos. Another child she took pictures of was Ms. Munoroe’s son, Elijah, playing with Christmas lights.

Photo of Elijah, taken by photographer: Hannah Dibrango

Mrs. Swain had nothing but positive reviews from the experience.

“All of the students did a tremendous job with the photographs. I had many family members and friends asking who took the pictures, because they wanted to hire them for their Christmas photos!” said Swain.

Coach Rogers’ son Colton was also photographed. He said, “It truly felt like a professional session, they were able to work with my son and pull off many incredible pictures.”

Alexis Santana took photographs of Mr & Mrs. Podkomorski’s son, Logan, capturing several candid genuine smiles. She focused on enhancing different colors depending on backgrounds. Whether it be a wood fence, or Christmas lights glimmering, she made sure there was a cheerful feel to all her pictures.

Photo of Logan, taken by photographer: Alexis Santana

Overall, 9 photo shoots happened in the Photography studio on campus. Each teacher was given the edited digital images so they could print them out or create Christmas cards for the holiday season.

“I really hope they do this again next year, I loved having amazing photos to use for my Christmas cards,” said Swain.