Photography and art students visit Giraffe Ranch


On Thursday, October 20th, the art and photography students took a trip to the Giraffe Ranch in Dade City to learn more about living subjects in relation to the arts. The students were to take photos and observe, learning about capturing intangible things in art.

The photography teacher, Ms. Corradini, speaks about the trip.

“Miss Smith organized the trip to the ranch,” said Corradini. “We got an opportunity to photograph exotic animals.”

The students were meant to observe various kinds of animals. The art students were to use the opportunity to gather information about the animals, like their personalities, and to make a piece capturing that and showing their ability.

“We are making animal sculptures in art class,” said freshman Zoe Kobell.

Since the Giraffe Ranch is a working game farm and wildlife preserve, they had a lot of variety in animals. The students took this into account when making their sculptures, adding a pleasant variety to the class herd.

“There were giraffes, rhinos, lemurs, zebras, llamas,” said freshman photography student Briana Elias. “There was a very wide variety of animals. It was fun.”

The teachers planned to have a very educational, academic trip. Both the photography and the art students were supposed to have a trip based around improving their skills. The intent was to get photographs and to increase technical ability and showing purpose after getting near animals.

“The purpose was to get an up close, personal experience with the animals,” said Corradini.

Junior photography student Hannah Dibrango agreed with her teacher.

“It was an up-close and behind the scenes experience at the Ranch. I really enjoyed it,” said Dibrango, “It gave me new ideas about different patterns I could use and helped me capture the picture as a whole.”