Marching into his future


Jason Lambert

Evan Blitzer grooving with the music in the bleachers at a football game.

It is common for high school students to discover their true passions during these four years, and Wiregrass Ranch senior Evan Blitzer is no exception. Since joining band in middle school, he has devoted countless hours to practicing clarinet and saxophone–among other instruments–and his innate talent is evident. With all of his honors and achievements, it is no secret that Blitzer has a true, lifelong passion for music.

Blitzer’s hard work pays off when it comes to competitive auditions and performances. At last year’s Solo & Ensemble, he advanced to the state level, receiving a Superior with Distinction for playing a grade 7–the most difficult rating–by memory. Including the two years prior, Blitzer received a total of six superior ratings from both district and state levels. He has also earned entry into All-County Band twice, and is currently awaiting results from this year’s audition.

Jason Lambert
Blitzer and his parents on senior night.

“The All-County experience is different from what I do everyday at school. New people, new band. The difficulty of the music is the same, but we only have 3-4 days to prepare for the January concert,” Blitzer said. “When I get to play with the program, there’s no words to describe how I feel.”

A believer in music’s calming properties, he has used music to keep him going through stress from school, grades, and studying. When the hard times roll through, Blitzer sometimes looks beyond music for relief.

“What keeps me motivated is definitely my friends within the music program,” Blitzer explained. “They are always encouraging me to keep practicing and keep pushing.”

Along with all of his other activities, Blitzer participated in two seasons of winter guard. He believes that being in winter guard has impacted his success in marching band.

Jason Lambert
Blizter holding a 1st place trophy after a marching band competition.

“Winter guard has taught me so much about friendships and team bonding, so I’ve applied some of those methods into marching band,” Blitzer stated.

Since first joining band, his passion for music has grown tremendously. So much so that Blitzer dreams about someday becoming a professional musician.

“As the years went on, I realized I wanted to pursue music professionally because of how much music inspires stories and joy in the world,” Blitzer expressed. “Musicians can affect people in a variety of ways, ranging from political messages to jazzy entertainment.”

To accomplish this goal, Blitzer plans to continue his band career into college. He is excited to see what kind of opportunities college will open him up to, as well as the chance to meet new people who have the same interests and dedications.

The young musician reflected on what he has absorbed from his experiences in the music program.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the past six years, it’s that you can never know what the future holds.”