Earth club sprouting new life

Earth club is planning to build a garden at the back of Wiregrass Ranch.



Earth club volunteering at the Sustainable Living Project earlier this year.

Wiregrass Ranch Earth Club is being revived after the past few years of little growth. The club now boasts over 50 members and has already begun work on numerous projects, including a new garden at the Ranch.

The main goal of the club is to help the environment as much as possible. Earth Club has already participated in a few events such as the fall festival, fundraisers, and volunteering with The Sustainable Living Project.

Along with participating in cleanups and fundraisers, the club is in the process of organizing a garden at Wiregrass Ranch. The garden will be built in the back of the school by the portables and be constructed by Earth Club members and other students who wish to help. The garden is the result of the Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant that Earth Club applied for last school year.

Kara Weihman
This is the location at Wiregrass Ranch where Earth Club will build the garden.

“We plan to teach our student body about both environmental and health benefits of hydroponics,” Alex Thomas, Earth Club vice president, explained. “Additionally, we want to spread awareness of the difficulties faced by countries who lack access to wholesome and nourishing food.”

The garden will give the students hands-on experience in dealing with plants and produce. The club will have fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. All members of Earth Club will help take care of the garden and plans to give what they grow to the culinary program.

“As an environmental activist, I want to build the hydroponic garden to promote sustainability and present alternative methods to agriculture here in the U.S, Thomas explained. “Having witnessed food inaccessibility firsthand, I want individuals to be more aware of the ailments others face in developing countries and steps we can take to address them.”

Along with the garden, the club is also very focused on not only getting involved in the community, but getting more student involvement in the club as well.

“It makes me excited about the future of Wiregrass and how we can make it a more eco-friendly campus,” Earth Club member Anna Claire Frick said.