College Seminars at the Ranch


Ethan Cedre

Christopher Moody, Florida Polytechnic University Office of Admissions, provides information to seniors about the university and how they provide students with a better education on campus and off campus

Wiregrass Ranch has hosted several college workshops over the past few years, led by College and Career specialist Jennifer Batchelor. This year, the seminars started in early September and have continued into October. Representatives from 16 different colleges have hosted presentations for students that signed up to attend.

“The college seminar gives students the ability to ask questions in a smaller classroom, rather than being afraid or nervous to ask questions to someone who is just working a university booth,” Batchelor explained.

Students this year said they enjoyed these small seminars because they felt that it got them more involved and provided them with more information. Senior Zachary Santiago attended the University of Florida presentation and learned some valuable information for his application through this smaller session.

They [Wiregrass] really are pushing to help you to get further into your education and help you get into your career

— Grace Castro

“I asked if the average Freshman profile scores were requirements and the representative said you can have a higher average and still get deferred,” Santiago explained. “She said Florida wanted a more well-rounded student and leaders.”

Each seminar provided information on applications, budgeting, financial aid, housing, and various other campus-life activities.

Junior Grace Castro plans to major in Exercise Science, Biology, Health Sciences, or Athletic Training. She felt that these presentations were very beneficial to the students of Wiregrass Ranch.

“They [Wiregrass] really are pushing to help you to get further into your education and help you get into your career,” Castro stated.

College spirit week is coming up next week and will help students finalize college applications, continue presentations from various schools, and even have a panel of former Wiregrass graduates to help Seniors make that final push towards their future goals.