Red Ribbon Week at the Ranch

WRHS says NO to drugs during Red Ribbon Week.


Mrs. Swain

Wiregrass students on the last day of Red Ribbon Week gathered on the football field for a group photo.

Red Ribbon Week is a nationwide campaign, during the last week of October, that raises awareness of the consequences of abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Although, this is not a requirement for schools to take part in, this provides information for students on the dangers of drugs and some prevention methods.

The National Family Partnership organized the first Red Ribbon Week, which has touched millions of lives across the world. The death of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, in 1985, was what sparked the idea for Red Ribbon Week. Parents and teens began to wear red ribbons as a symbol for raising awareness for the consequences of drug abuse in America. 

Wiregrass Ranch proudly participates in raising awareness against drugs through Red Ribbon Week. Each day of the week had a different theme for students and teachers to participate in, created by the S.A.D.D club (Students Against Destructive Decisions).

Hans Elmeus
Wiregrass Ranch students wearing their favorite jerseys.

“Wiregrass has been involved in Red Ribbon Week since 2008 and as a school, we have evolved a lot since then because we have targeted more students,” Club sponsor Gregory Finkel explained.

Monday’s theme was ‘Team up against drugs and wear your favorite sports jersey.’ Students and faculty wore many different types of jerseys from their favorite sports teams. Tampa Bay Lightning was a stand out favorite amongst the teachers.

On Tuesday, students across campus wore their sunglasses to ‘Shade Out drugs’. Awareness grew every day at the Ranch, and more students seemed to participate each day.

Mya Simard, a senior at Wiregrass, is an active student and enjoys being involved in activities around school.

“I participate in Red Ribbon Week because although it is fun to dress up for the themed days, but there is a bigger message to it,” Simard said. “By participating, you validate to yourself and others around the school that you are against drugs and their consequences.”

K. Fry
WRHS students wearing crazy socks in support of Red Ribbon Week.

Wednesday’s theme was very popular because everyone could dress as superheroes. This theme was for the students to be a heroes and stand up against drugs.

A common theme day that public schools, including Wiregrass, use for this week of awareness is ‘Sock it to Drugs’. On Thursday, students of all grade levels wore their most crazy and unique socks.

Junior Jasmine Corbo-Ferreira admires the S.A.D.D’s club efforts to raise awareness.

“This draws attention to a worldwide issue and spreads the message to people in a fun and interactive way,” Corbo said.

On Friday, October 25th, the entire school wore the color red. This is because red is directly associated to standing up against drugs.

“Red Ribbon Week has led to these students realizing that drugs are out there and it is up to them to make the right choice,” Finkel said.

Mrs. Swain Wiregrass students on the football field spelling out “Drug Free”.