The Marching Bulls compete for the first time this season


Monica Converse

The WRHS Marching Bulls at their first competition of the 2016 season.

The Wiregrass Ranch High School Marching Bulls attended their first competition of the 2016 season, called Seminole Sound, on Saturday, October 8 at Seminole High School in Pinellas County. The band won 1st place in their class (4A) and 2nd place overall.

Band director Patrick Duncan talks about the attitude of the band before the competition.

“I hoped they were as excited about Saturday as I was,” Duncan said. “We have a job to do!”

An intimidating band who attended the competition was Tarpon Springs High School (TSHS), who won best band in America two years ago.

Flute section leader Anjalie Teter, junior, was actually excited to compete against TSHS.

“I love watching their band and seeing how we do alongside them. I like knowing there will be a great show for both of us,” Teter said. “We’re both two great bands that put in a lot of work, and at the end of the day it’s mainly about our individual performances.”

The Marching Bulls had a score of 77.83 (out of 100), which leaves room for improvement and every band and staff member is looking ahead to prepare for the next competition.

Flute player Rachel Coffey, freshman, comments on her preparation for her first ever competition and for future performances.

“For the next competition, I should prepare by coming to every rehearsal. During the week of Seminole Sound, I got sick and missed two rehearsals,” Coffey said. “Next time, I just have to take care of my body to make sure I stay healthy.”

Every band member wants to improve and to do so, students must set personal goals. Coffey and Teter plan to improve their marching technique and become better players and leaders.

Coffey talks about Saturday’s performance.

“Of course there is room to improve,” Coffey said. “I do not have any regrets about Saturday. I’m proud of everything the band has accomplished.”

Teter also talks about the competition show run-through.

“Before the performance I felt like I was going to give my best and nothing but the best. After, I felt very happy because it was a great run for me,” Teter said. “It was a good experience because of the opportunity to perform and the experience gained for the future.”