Black History Club promoting cultural awareness


Averi Willins

The Black History Club at the Poetry Slam event in 2018.

Black History Club at Wiregrass Ranch is a club that promotes cultural awareness by planning activities that celebrate “Black History Month” during the month of February. This club also helps students develop initiative, leadership, and focuses on serving the school, student body, and community.

All students are able to join the club, regardless of grade level or ethnicity.

“I joined the Black History Club to feel a part of something,” Club president Sa’Derrica Tate explained. “I wanted to find people that have the same background as I do. I also wanted to be a part of the wonderful ideas for the month of February to celebrate my history.”

This year for Black History Month, the club worked with the Black History Month Committee to plan activities for the students and staff at Wiregrass Ranch during the month of February. These activities include: “Matter of Facts” with trivia questions every morning, music played on Fridays during the passing periods, guest speakers, a spirit dress up week, a soul food luncheon for teachers, and a Poetry Slam event called “Poetry Slam, Diversity Rules.”

Anyone can participate in the Poetry Slam event. Students can either write their own poem or select a poem by a well-known poet that exemplifies diversity. It takes place on Februrary 22nd during 4th-6th periods in the gym.

Club Vice President, Averi Willins, is excited for the Poetry Slam event.

“We are putting a lot into it and hopefully will have a good outcome,” Willins said.

Club sponsor and reading teacher, Gloria Jackson, believes that this month is necessary to become more knowledgeable about the contribution of African Americans and to build unity.

“Black History month is an opportunity to study the connecting thread between the struggles of the past and the transformations fo today,” Jackson explained.

Black History Club meets on Mondays in room 4-163 after school.

Gloria Jackson
February 2019 calendar of events for Black History Month.