Bulls Nation sparks school spirit at Wiregrass

Bulls Nation at a swim meet in 2017.

Mrs. Swain

Bulls Nation at a swim meet in 2017.

Bulls Nation, formerly known as Spirit Club, has made a significant impact on the school spirit at Wiregrass Ranch over the last few years. The club was formed with the purpose of encouraging school spirit and providing support to Wiregrass Ranch’s many athletic teams. Responsibilities of the club include organizing the school pep rallies and creating a student section at games.

“When they [Bulls Nation] are at the game there is an immediate difference,” Athletic Director Dave Wilson said. “The teams get excited to have people in the stands but even more excited to see the faces of fellow students being load and supporting them.”

Ms. Minott
Bulls Nation members preparing for a pep rally.

The leadership of the club this year includes Seniors Casey Moran and Mari Pita as co-presidents and Junior vice presidents Antonio Fiorentino and Brian Parker.

”I enjoy being part of a club that helps boost the energy of the Ranch,” Parker explained.

Bulls Nation makes it their goal to attend one game from every sport, and encourage others to attend the game as well. All grade levels can join the club and participate in the events.

Members of Bulls Nation love showing their school pride.

Ms. Minott
Bulls Nation members at a basketball game this school year.

“Being in the club made me love cheering on the Bulls and showing good sportsmanship,” Sophomore Avery Warner explained.

This year, Nicole Minott and Daphne Schumaker have taken over the role of club sponsors. With this change, the club has also started attending some select JV events. So far this year, the club has attended football, cross country, wrestling, and basketball games.

“It is important for the club to attend all sports, even JV games. We want all our athletes to feel supported,” Sponsor Daphne Schumaker explained.

Bulls Nation meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month in room 4-109.