USF Invites WRHS Choir To Perform


photo credit: WRHS chorus

Wiregrass Ranch students at the USF Choir Festival

The University of South Florida (USF) held a choir festival on Saturday, October 1st, in which Wiregrass Ranch High School (WRHS) was invited.  Students attending the event rehearsed throughout the day to perform at a concert later that evening.

Solangi Santiago is the chorus director at WRHS, and she described the event.

“USF reached out to me about having students attend the event,” Santiago says. “The event brings chorus kids from different school together for one day.”

The festival also included other high schools like Zephyrhills High School (ZHS). Students from all schools were prepared and excited to go.

Current WRHS chorus student Rebecca Joseph, a junior, had never attended an event like this before. She spoke about the festival and told of her expectations.

“The students, including myself, are very excited for this event. We are all happy to have this opportunity,” Joseph said. “I feel like I will get the amazing opportunity to work with people from all over and learn amazing music. I think this event will be extremely fun.”

Along with this event, the WRHS chorus department does many other activities throughout the year, requiring a lot of practice. The beginning women’s chorus meets 5th period and the advanced chorus meets 7th. In addition, every Tuesday the girls have after school practice and the men have practice after school every Thursday.

Santiago explains the other events that the choral department are attending.

“This year we will have our winter and spring concert, the Thursday Musicale, Epcot’s Candlelight Processional, solo and ensemble, music performance assessment (MPA), state MPA, and graduation,” said Santiago. “Throughout the year more events may be added, like visiting John Long Middle School and singing for them.”

Chorus turns passion for singing and music into careers and lifelong hobbies. Events previously mentioned bring out the excitement in students and give them opportunities that passion alone may not give.

Looking towards the future, Anna Nelson, a freshman, wants to be in chorus all four years of high school.

Nelson talks about her hopes for the upcoming years.

“Hearing about events like this festival makes me excited to continue chorus,” Nelson says. “Any student who wants to have fun with friends and wants to grow in music would love chorus.”