Powderpuff Seniors looking for another win


Seniors Jordyn Beer and Emily Beazley warming up their throws at practice Tuesday.

Powderpuff is back at the Ranch for the 2018 homecoming powderpuff football game, and the Class of 2019 Seniors are hopeful for another win. The game is set to take place Wednesday, October 10 at the Wiregrass Ranch football stadium.

The Juniors defeating the Sophomores last year

Last year, the Class of 2019 narrowly secured a victory over the current Senior class 8-6. Senior coach, Keasean Ridgel is confident in another win this year.

“Just like last year, another win, and another show to put on,” Coach Ridgel boasted.

This year, the team is made up of 25 senior girls, most of them returning from last year’s season with only 9 new players joining the team. The girls are being coached by four senior football players including: Ridgel, Cameron Lee, Dorien Green, and Mason Buie.

Returning Quarterback Katherine Llanos is excited to return to the game.

“I cant wait for powder puff this year, it’s always fun to compete against the other classes,” Llanos explained. “I really regret not playing my freshman year.”

Coach Green re-directing the team at practice

Most the girls, including Llanos have experience playing on other competitive athletic teams. This gives them an advantage going into the game, because they already know what it take to win.

The team is hosting practices every Monday and Tuesday leading up to the big game. Each practice is 3 hours long, and includes a variety of different drills to strengthen the team.

Class sponsor, Darby Harvey knows the Seniors are working hard.

“Based on the meetings and practices we’ve had, I can see how determined these girl are to win, and how bad they want it,” Harvey said.