Chef Blythe boosts culinary class


photo credit: Chef Blythe

Food made by Chef Blythe.

Culinary arts classes at Wiregrass Ranch High School (WRHS) are getting revamped with the welcoming of Chef Jeremy Blythe this school year. Blythe has some changes and events planned to give students a fresh experience in the culinary arts.

Blythe describes the activities he plans to do this year.

“We are gearing up to cook for the Homecoming Tailgate party that is sponsored by the SADD club and Coach Finkel,” Blythe said. “We are really looking forward to this and are looking forward to debuting our new and improved student chef coats!”

Many students are eager to begin cooking this year, which both the students and the teacher are looking forward to.

Culinary 1 student Avery Dorn, junior, talks about cooking this year.

“I am looking forward to having the ability to use the skills I learn outside of class,” Dorn said. “My favorite things to make are desserts. It is awesome to be able to eat what you make in class.”

The students have not cooked yet, as they learn the basic culinary skills such as: knife cuts, safety, soups, and stocks. More advanced classes will soon be learning hands-on techniques, composed dishes, and will work at catered events.

Chef Blythe, also a former pastry chef, explained his hopes for this year.

“I plan on making quite a variety of foods from pastas to proteins, breakfasts, and desserts,” Blythe said. “I am looking forward to watching my culinary students grow and watching their passion for culinary arts grow as well.”

The WRHS culinary program is where students learn the skills and techniques to pursue culinary careers after high school. Many students who are not in the program still include the culinary arts field as an option for the future, like Dorn and freshman Kenzi Lloyd.

“I would like to get a certification in the program as a senior,” Lloyd said.

Being a new teacher at the school, Blythe mentions his worries for teaching this year.

“My only worry was whether or not I would be able to pass my passion onto students and make a difference in their lives,” Blythe said. “I have never felt more welcomed and accepted. Everyone here at WRHS is really friendly and helpful.”