Unity Day brings students together

Wiregrass students united for a whole day to discuss important topics regarding teens’ lives today.


Marcus Scott

Students in small group at Unity Day

Unity Day at Wiregrass Ranch this year provided a safe space for 125 students, 25 student facilitators, and teacher supporters to discuss different topics that are affecting students’ lives today.

Marcus Scott
Two student facilitators at Unity Day wearing their club t-shirts

Unity Day is a day where students gather up to talk about the small things that divide us in life, including race, sexual orientation, and gender. The point of Unity Day is to unify people, and to teach everyone that we are human, and we should respect people’s differences.

Unity Day tries to impact other students in a positive way, giving them a safe space to be able to express how they’re feeling.

Junior Tu Trinh explained how Unity Day made an impact on her.

“Unity Day helped me by showing me that I am not alone with the struggles I have in my life. It has also made me realize my close friends have struggles that I never realized. It was a fun day to meet new people while getting to know them,” Trinh said. “I felt super engaged the whole day and there was never a dull moment where people weren’t talking to others.”

On Unity Day there were activities like ‘Walk the Line’, ‘Unbreak my Heart’, the ‘Dot Game’, and many more icebreaker games. There were also two guest speakers who talked about their life story as well stressed the importance of hope to the students.

Senior Noah White, president of Unity Club, expressed the importance of hope in our society.

“With the way the world is today, it’s very easy to lose hope. I wanted to bring out the importance of hope because nothing has or will be done without it, and it’s important to keep hope because the moment you lose it, you’ll lose yourself,” White said.

Marcus Scott
A guest speaker giving a presentation about hope to Unity Day attendees

In between the activities, students would go back to groups they were assigned to discuss and talk. At the end of the day students got to know each other and new friendships were formed.

Ms. Kincaid, sponsor of Unity Club, stated how this Unity Day was the best one ever held.

“We had more students this year, and for me that’s very exciting that more students are getting involved. Everyone was engaged and paying attention to what was going on,” Kincaid said. “The students who went to Unity Day really seemed like they wanted to be there and were fully participating.”

Junior Sarah Weiss, vice president of Unity Club, stated her favorite memory from Unity Day.

“The interaction between people was the best part of the day,” Weiss said. “I liked seeing everyone in their groups just having fun meeting new people, with laughs and smiles all around.”