LuvaBulls Dance Team showcases talent at Spring Production


Marcus Scott

2017-2018 Luvabulls in their team uniforms before the performance.

The “LuvaBulls” Dance Team at Wiregrass Ranch took their final bows for the year at their spring showcase last Friday, April 13, at the Wesley Chapel Performing Arts Center. With only six weeks of preparation, they put on a spectacular and fascinating show that captured the attention of the audience.

Stressed under this short time to prepare, Captain Julia Leck felt nervous before the show.

Photographer: Ms. Miller
Julia Leck and Angelique Richardson performing “Big Spender.”

“I’ve been sick in bed for the past week, so I feel well-rested, but at the same time I’m anxious,” Leck said.

The experienced captain expressed an interest in a future with dance, whether it be a side job or as a full time Rockette, and has hopes of this team helping her gain experience.

The show itself consisted of ten dances, each with a unique theme, costume, and style. Each performance was done by a different group of dancers: solos, duets, small groups, and full team. One dance was performed by sponsor Rachel Miller’s daughter, and one was performed by coach Christal Shurley’s daughters. In between dances, videos were shown on the screen that went in depth to the creation of the dance team and reflections from the members about this year.

Ms. Miller’s daughter Emma-Sue performing in the show.

Freshman Evan Lomba, a dancer for about nine years prior to joining the team, was happy to have been brought together with an enthusiastic group of dancers.

“I hadn’t danced in a while, and my friends told me I should get back into it since they saw me dance and thought I was good,” Lomba said. “I’m excited, but a little bit sad about tonight’s show though because I love my girls and I’ll miss dancing with them.”

First Lieutenant Kauri Durham had a similar reason for joining, since she had previously danced for eight years. Durham thought back to what she loved about being on the team this past year.

“Socializing and becoming friends with people I didn’t even know before this was the best part of being on this team,” Durham said. “Having get-togethers and parties really made this year fun.”

The performances were followed by a small award ceremony, where each dancer was presented with a certificate of dedication. Cierra Christopher was awarded Miss High Kick and Julia Leck was awarded Miss Luvabull.  Their coach and sponsors were also showered with admiration, receiving flowers, group hugs, and tears from the team.

The whole team dancing in one of the group performances.

Leck talked about how being on this dance team has impacted her, regarding both dancing itself and the friendships made along the way.

“I’ve gained teaching and choreography experience through this team,” Leck said. “It also gave me a chance to grow close with the girls on the team who I didn’t know before.”

The performers danced their hearts out and enjoyed every second they had on stage with their newfound family, reminiscing on the good times they shared throughout the year.

The Luvabulls will be competing this weekend at the Creation Dance Championships which will conclude their 2017-2018 season. They will also be hosting an informational parent meeting May 8th at 6pm in room 4-158 at Wiregrass and try outs for the next school year May 14-17 from 3:30pm-6:00pm in the BUS commons (300 building).