2020 Powder Puff Team is Optimistic


The team does some basic walking techniques to warm up.

The class of 2020 definitely has the blind optimism of freshmen, especially in regards to sports. The 13 girls and three coaches are ready to play, and the student coaches and players all think they are going to come out victorious. And this year, they may be right.

Coach Nicholas Gaziano explains their method for victory.

“Practice. We are going to win by practicing and working as a group. I think we are going to be awesome once we are ready,” said Gaziano.

While he is certainly enthusiastic, Gaziano will not be the one on the field come the 28th. It will be the girls who he has been training, along with the two other student coaches.

Crystal Faddoul is a player on the team and thinks the team is coming together well, but not quite ready.

“I think we are getting there,” said Faddoul. “We are definitely getting there.”

Most of the team has played some form of team sport before, which may increase their chances of winning. They will already have the experience, and can focus the majority of their time to practice runs. That way, they can work more on football and less on working as a team in general.

Player Jade White spoke her previous sports experience.

“I have participated in many team sports before. Soccer, tennis, baseball, pretty much anything you can think of,” explained White.

The past champions have been upperclassmen. The class of 2017 won last year, and class of 2015 won in their junior & senior year, but victory is just one part of a game.

“I am excited about seeing people get hyped up in the stands. It is just a really great experience, you know?” said Faddoul.”