Student sections are booming at Wiregrass Ranch


Arielle Bowry

The Wiregrass student section “glowed out” for the Cypress Creek volleyball game.

Mess with the Bulls, you get the horns. The Bulls of Wiregrass Ranch are making the student section more active than ever before, rooting on their fellow student-athletes.

For the past few years, students at Wiregrass Ranch High School (WRHS) could be seen timidly sitting on the bleachers under the Friday night lights during the school’s football games. However, school spirit is back at the Ranch, where crowded student sections shake the bleachers, but not just football bleachers.

The student section, commonly referred to as the bull pen, packs in students every game. One bull leading the herd is senior, Aiden Taylor. No matter what game, he can be found leading chants and keeping the crowd alive from the front row.

“My main goal is to keep the energy high,” Taylor said. “The game is not as fun if everyone isn’t hype.”

Indoor student sections, like those at volleyball games, expose how loud and energizing the section can get. According to varsity volleyball coach, Amy Strawser, the effects of student sections can be felt on the court.

Students of Wiregrass Ranch flood the stands for a white out. (Arielle Bowry)

“Our student section and support this season has affected the energy on the court by the girls feeling supported and believed in by their peers,” Strawser explained. “Their support gives the girls confidence.”

In the past, volleyball games did not receive as much support as some of the other sports at the Ranch. This year, the support is undeniably greater.

“Our student section this year is the best in the three years I have coached at Wiregrass,” Strawser said.

Complimenting the energy and celebrations from the student sections are dress-up themes created by the teams or the Bulls Nation spirit club for all to participate in. Creative themes such as neon construction night and Hawaiian start the buildup of energy as the Bulls take pride in their outfits, accessories, and decorations.

First-year transfer student at WRHS, senior Juju Bull, believes attending games and playing into the themes is one of the best ways to spend a night.

“The themes make it more fun for me because I enjoy dressing up and planning for it,” Bull said. “It brings everyone together and creates more school spirit.”

Student of WRHS support the football team under the Friday night lights and pull off a Hawaiian theme. (Arielle Bowry)

Besides the obvious fun in supporting athletic events at Wiregrass Ranch High School, joy is found in many students by being able to spend time with their friends.

“[My] favorite part is definitely being able to lead with Gilli,” Taylor said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

The horns are up again at the Ranch and the students are ready to go. Through rough games, blowouts one way or another, and hours spent waiting due to unfortunate weather, the students at Wiregrass Ranch always stick around to support their teams. The only question that remains is whether the energy will stay intact for the rest of the school year.