Why Riverdale has fallen short in Season 2

My views of the second season of CW’s Riverdale and how I see it as a weak continuation.


Banner of Riverdale Season 2.

Riverdale has always been very subjective TV show for me since it was released day one. While the first season was very much of the typical teen drama that follows all of the typical cliches and familiar characters, it was relatively consistent with its story and was pretty enjoyable through-out. It had many redeeming quality’s such as interesting plot twists and good enough character interaction to keep the feel somewhat fresh.

So while I didn’t love Riverdale season one as much as everyone else, it did engage me through-out the season and I didn’t hate it. But with season two, it’s all been downhill since the first episode premiered. Not only does it fail as a continuation of season one, but to a greater extent, it fails as a enjoyable teen drama story.

The Southside Serpents.

The problems that I have with the second season all stem from the inconsistent characters, sloppy storytelling, and writing that would make anybody cringe in embarrassment. The first season was pretty cheesy at many points, but didn’t go overboard. This season, I was rolling my eyes at the pure cheesiness more times than I could count.

The characters are extremely weak and all make decisions that go against their personality set up in season one in order to create tension even if it sacrifices character. Every single person makes dumb decision after dumb decision and none of it makes any sense. Even the new characters they introduce like Hiram Lodge are written poorly.

The only character that has anything good going on is Cheryl who feels completely out of place in this season. This example of terrible screen-writing makes every single character unlikable and unrelatable.

It’s also a shame that the story itself is completely bloated and makes no sense. Each side plot going on is horribly written and undoes the progress of the first season in the absolute worst way possible. The main story itself is a mess of ideas that go nowhere.

The first season had a simple murder mystery story to follow while including some side plots, but it was consistent. This season, the show is trying to be more dramatic in terms of plot, but is a complete mess that so desperately tries to use shock value, that it all falls flat.

Hiram Lodge

The dialogue doesn’t make it any better either. Every punch-line and serious moment is so over the top and awful, it makes me face palm every single time. Which sucks because in season one, the dialogue while full of cringe was never truly something bad.

I know that season 2 still has more episodes coming and maybe it will get better, but it has been completely lackluster in terms of quality and entertainment. While I never was a big fan of this show in the first place, I’m certainly not fond of something not really great becoming worse.