BROCKHAMPTON: A genre of their own

Brockhampton has been taking the world by storm over the last year, and they aren’t planning on slowing down.


The story of BrockHampton is a strange one. After meeting on an online fan forum for Kanye West, a group of friends decided to make their own rap group, which they deemed AliveSinceForever.” After a couple of years, they re-branded themselves as “BrockHampton.”

They released a few singles here and there, but their first true album was All-American Trash. It was met with critical acclaim and it put the group on the map. After toying around with different kinds of sounds for a while, they released the first album in their Saturation trilogy.

The cover for Saturation I

Saturation I was met with a lot of attention and it really made the group what they are today. After it was revealed that they made the whole album—from writing to release—in two weeks, they really gained a lot of traction.

They made headlines again after they dropped Saturation II a couple of months later. The album was even better than its predecessor. It really managed to tell people that Brockhampton was a force to be reckoned with. Amazingly, a few months after the release of Saturation II, the band announced they would be closing off the trilogy with the release of Saturation III at the end of the year. The band did something most people would find impossible: they released almost 3 hours of music in one year, with all of it being well-received.

The cover for Saturation II

Over the last year, Brockhampton set themselves apart from their competition, making their own kind of genre. If you listen to the Saturation Trilogy, you will find that it isn’t just hip-hop, it’s something else entirely. As you read this article, the band is hard at work on their fourth album, due for release some time in 2018. Hopefully, Brockhampton keeps finding ways to top their previous work and keep impressing the general public.

The cover of Saturation III