Childish Gambino Pharos Concert

Childish Gambino PHAROS concert/ unreleased album debut


Ural Garret

Gambino performing in 2015.

Donald Glover, known by his rap name Childish Gambino, has just made some big moves in his rap career. After winning a Grammy in 2013, for his album titled “Because of the Internet,” Gambino went silent from all of his social media accounts. He reappeared on Twitter for the first time in June 2016, tweeting a link to an app that had a countdown for his PHAROS concert.

Tickets for the event were $99 and sold out in less than six minutes.  It was a three day concert from September 2nd-4th. Although no one really knew what his new album was going to sound like, his fans trusted in him, knowing that he always puts 100% effort into anything he creates.

Gambino’s concert took place in Joshua Tree, California, about 2 hours away from Los Angeles. Joshua Tree is a desert with rolling hills, cacti, and broken boulders.

For the event, Gambino had a white tarp performance dome that served as a gathering space for DJ sets and film screenings. There were also communal camp grounds that had ping pong, two structures built exclusively for charging phones and other devices, and old Gambino music playing in the background.

To evade his new music being leaked onto the internet, phones were put into lead bags that were stowed away during the entire concert. Everyone could tell that Gambino had a set mood for the concert in which he wanted his audience to embrace.

He had visual projections of psychedelic objects all over the dome that he performed in. Also, Gambino was covered in body paint and a neon-tribal skirt with cornrows that fell down to his ankles.

Fans hope that his plan is to continue doing this for future concerts, as it was an experience they would gladly pay to have again.