Florida cools down this Winter


Mark Wallheiser

A man plays with his dog in the snow in Florida on US 231 at the Alabama State line south of Dothan.

It’s that time of the year again: the December and January months are changing Florida’s famously hot temperatures to cold. Thursday, January 18 showed a low of 29 degrees Fahrenheit in the Wesley Chapel area.

Students in all grades bundled up in their favorite sweaters, winter jackets, and some even brought blankets. It is a rare event when Floridians can break out their winter gear.

Sophomore Hannah Taugner and Senior Madison Mesnekoff in their blankets

Junior Alexis Marquith embraces the cold weather.

“Even though I love the heat, it is always nice to get a little break from it,” Marquith explained.

While some people are enjoying this weather, there are also some that are not too happy about it, like senior Kathleen Cantwell.

“I cannot wait until this cold is over, it has been two weeks overdue. I want the Florida heat back,” Cantwell commented.

Native trees, plants, and animals are also suffering in this cold. Iguanas have been featured on the local news for freezing in the shade and falling down from the brown trees and plants.

“If it’s this cold, I would rather it just snow,” Freshman Natalie Joles said.

Mrs Williams and Sophomore Jesse Valenta all bundled up in the cold portables.

Surprisingly enough, it did snow in Florida this year; not in Tampa Bay, but in they did see snow in Tallahassee. January 3, 2018 is the first time snow hit the ground in Florida in 28 years according to the Weather Channel.

Some people decided to make the drive to Tallahassee with the promise of snow.  Junior, Tara Powers was one of those people who made the 4 hour drive.

“It was my first time seeing snow. It wasn’t a lot but I still enjoyed seeing it fall. It was a time to remember in Florida,” Powers explained.

The 2018 winter will definitely be one to remember in Florida.