Featured Athlete- Golfer, Ethan Shuster


Senior Ethan Shuster taking a swing at practice.

Ethan Shuster is a senior at WRHS and has been a member of the Varsity golf team for the past four years.

Shuster’s love for golf started when he was five years old and his father started taking him to the golf range. By age 6, Shuster began to play on a real course and was hooked ever since.

“I really love this sport and I’d like to continue on to play in college and perhaps have a professional career,” said Shuster.

Shuster enjoys all aspects of the game, especially the mental part. He says, “Before I even hit the first golf ball, I have planned out my entire game.”

Shuster watches golf frequently and looks up to PGA player Dustin Johnson.

Unlike more mainstream sports like football or basketball, the golf team receives minimal recognition around Wiregrass Ranch. However, this small problem is not much of a bother to Shuster.

“To be honest, I do not really mind,” said Shuster. “It is a sport in the Olympics, so I think that speaks for itself.”

While Shuster is skilled in his own right, Coach Michael Horrigan still practices with him regularly.

“He is a great coach and I like playing for him,” said Shuster. “His practices are fun and he makes me love this sport even more.”

Teammate Alex Baig is good friends with Shuster and had plenty to say about him.

“He works hard, is consistent, reliable, and always has a good attitude,” said Baig.

Ethan Shuster has a positive outlook for his team’s chances this season.

“We look pretty good this year and I’m looking forward to the season.”