Crystal Lagoon

Crystal Lagoon
Model for the shape and size of the Lagoon

Wesley Chapel is adding another development known as the Epperson community; but it’s not the houses that are everyone is talking about, it’s the 2,000 foot wide crystal lagoon. The Metro Development Group has contracted that the lagoon be built in their developing community. The water is also said to be crystal clear and be very beach-like.

“People are going to be able to see beautiful, crystal clear blue water and enjoy beach life right here in Pasco County,” Uri Man, CEO of Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp commented on Fox 13.

The company has multiple projects worldwide but this will be the first one to open in the United States. This large lagoon will also be very sustainable and efficient. With it’s design, the pool will use much less water than other pools of similar size, and although it will take 18 million gallons of water for the initial fill, it will not need another extremely large fill for many years. It will also be using considerably less energy, saving money for the county.

“It is an innovative technology that facilitates a sustainable, unique amenity for a Pasco County community,” Pasco County Environmental Biologist Jeffery Harris commented.

This lagoon isn’t just something to look at, it will also allow residents to paddle board, canoe, and even sail, which has Wesley Chapel residents very excited.

“I love to go paddle boarding at the beach or kayaking down a river, but knowing that I won’t have to go as far is amazing,” Senior Taylor Pudoka commented.

This lagoon is going to be a very exciting addition to the exploding Wesley Chapel community, allowing people to stay close to home rather than venturing to Clearwater or St.Pete for a beach. This project is scheduled to begin next month and is predicted to take a little over a year in construction.